Co-Chairs: Michael Takacs, Bohler Engineering and Tony Rosenberger, Chapman Properties

This is the committee responsible for monitoring governmental issues (including legislative action) and creating an awareness of these issues among the chapter membership. The Advocacy Committee plans and executes NAIOP's legislative objectives and strategies for the year.

By hosting legislative forums, participating in grass roots lobbying and organizing important legislative activities, committee members help NAIOP stay in front of important industry issues.

The Advocacy Committee consists of several sub-committees (Political Advocacy Alliance, Regional Development Consortium, and Smart Growth/Environment), and numerous Tasks Groups.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing-Communications Committee creates and implements strategies to make certain NAIOP and its members are kept informed and are heard on important issues in the local media.

It also works to ensure NAIOP listens and responds to the voices of its members. The Marketing-Communications Committee oversees the ongoing redesign of the NAIOP website, keeping it on the cutting edge and helps produce Developing Pittsburgh, the chapter's magazine. This is the committee that is responsible for creating informative and necessary verbal/written communications to chapter members utilizing various mediums. The Marketing-Communications Committee is responsible for NAIOP's outreach, media relations, and Chapter communications.


The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of Chapter members. Committee members participate in monthly Committee meetings and plan membership initiatives (e.g. marketing blitzes, membership discounts, social events, and membership-drive functions).

The Committee also hosts new members at Chapter events. This is the committee responsible for retaining existing members, recruiting new members and promoting involvement among all members. The Membership Committee acts to promote membership and retain existing members in NAIOP. The Committee administers organization membership policies and issues membership applications as needed. The Committee initiates selective programs as needed to promote new members and follows up with members who have elected to not renew their membership. The following are the specific responsibilities of the Committee:

  • Identify prospects/targeted individuals and recruit as new members with a specific focus on attracting Principal members.

  • Develop and implement an annual survey to identify members' reasons for joining the Chapter and their needs.

  • Follow-up with non-members who attend Chapter meetings to discuss their consideration of membership.

  • Follow-up with members who do not renew to determine their reasons for non-renewal (exit interviews).

Programs Committee

This committee is responsible for planning and executing the programs for all of the monthly chapter meetings during the calendar year. Its main objective is to continue building NAIOP’s proud history of providing cutting-edge programs tailored specifically for real estate professionals.

The Program Committee is always open to suggestions from the membership.  This is the committee responsible for raising additional funds for chapter operations through sponsorship of monthly meetings (the “Gavel Sponsor” program) and through other special events (planned and managed through several subcommittees).  The special subcommittees of the Program Committee are: Annual Awards Banquet; Night-At-The-Fights Event; and, the Annual Golf Outing.