Federal Level

  • Federal Infrastructure Investment

    • NAIOP Pittsburgh and NAIOP Corporate supports increased funding and investment for our nation’s critical infrastructure and transportation systems. We support the expanded use of public-private partnerships for infrastructure development, continued federal funding for maintenance and repair, and a more effective regulatory environment for major infrastructure projects. Public sector investment policies should be based on revenue sources that are predictable, reliable and sustainable to ensure that needed maintenance and repair of existing infrastructure occurs on a timely basis, and to provide for infrastructure investment where private-sector involvement is not economically feasible.

      Specifically, NAIOP Pittsburgh is focused on the following investments federally:

      • Bus Rapid Transit in Pittsburgh (Downtown-Oakland) and support for the FTA CIG Grant Program, which funds these types of projects

      • Water and sewer infrastructure

      • Expansion of regional transportation/transit projects

State Level

  • DEP Permitting Issues as it Relates to Chapter 105 Permitting

    • Consistency in application of Regs across districts

    • Wetland Impacts for speculative development

    • Timeliness in process

    • Neutral stance as it pertains to development and regulations

  • Expanded DCED Economic Incentives Budget

  • Duquesne Light Tariff

  • Pennsylvania Tax Competitiveness

    • State 1031 Like Kind Exchanges

    • State Tax Competitiveness for Development

Local Level

  • Transportation and Infrastructure

    • BRT in Pittsburgh

    • Water and sewer infrastructure investment

    • Expansion of regional transportation/transit projects

  • City of Pittsburgh Permitting

    • Riverfront Zoning

    • Inclusionary Zoning and low-income housing

    • Consistency in process and procedures

    • Separation of Zoning and Building Departments


    • Green Infrastructure

    • Upgrade of lines

    • Tap-in fees iv. Stormwater Fee