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RIDC & NAIOP Collaborate For Development

Submitted by naiopdev on Sat, 05/13/2017 - 2:55pm

Authored by Charles "Chic" Noll

The RIDC would like to assist NAIOP Pittsburgh and its membership in serving as a clearinghouse for the concerns that face developers in the region. Just as important, to follow up on these concerns with valuable and worthwhile research to bring light to the many barriers associated with how and why potential development can get sidetracked. With the RIDC’s years of experience developing some of the toughest sites in the region, there can be no better supporter of such an effort.

Pittsburgh has seen tremendous development growth in the past number of years. However, some of the research is showing that we are not growing as a region especially in population. It is no secret that  we desire the kind of population that can fill new vital positions coming to our region. New and transformational real estate development can help change the landscape of an aging region to help attract the types of companies and a population that will be necessary to overcome our work-force decline.

Many NAIOP members knowledgable in development and construction know all to well of the of the many barriers standing in the way of the completion of a development project. Unpredictable permitting and regulations have negsatively affected budgets and killed many projects. The development industry needs a stronger voice to advocate for the interests that can bring more successful development to fruition.

From a community with a strong collaborative mindset, the RIDC and NAIOP are joining forces to conduct research to gain a better understanding of the barriers to development in our region. This research will be unique and specific to finding the real costs to development. The intention is to publish the results of the research. The findings will help outline where advocacy should be pointed in the favor of development in the Pittsburgh region.

Don Smith, Executive Director of the RIDC, indicates now is the time to come to the aid of developers in Pittsburgh. “Pittsburgh is a very difficult place to complete successful development”, Don notes in a recent interview. “In partnership with NAIOP Pittsburgh and its strong membership, we would like to assist NAIOP in its voice for the development community.”

The RIDC, along with other partners in the Pittsburgh region, would like to better understand the barriers to develop real property in our region. How can we make Pittsburgh more attractive to growth? “The economics to development in Pittsburgh are not well understood and we would like to bring light to the challenges faced by developers to this region.” Don says. “The real and true cost of the regulation that burdens the local development climate are not well known. We would like to help bring these costs to light. This information can help our politicians, regulators, developers, contractor and everyone involved in the successful development to our region”.

Don mentions that this research would help everyone in the region better understand why companies would want to select Pittsburgh as a place to locate their enterprise. Specific, numeric data gathered by targeted research can be very useful to NAIOP members to be successful and more profitable, the main goal of any development at its onset.  

This partnership is exciting, if not motivating, to say the least. The research and subsequent advocacy could bring more new developers to Pittsburgh and bring aid to the mainstay of developers that have weathered the development climate for so many years.