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NAIOP Pittsburgh Speaks Out on Proposed Duquesne Light Rate Increase

Submitted by naiopdev on Tue, 05/15/2018 - 1:20pm

On behalf of the more than 350 members of the largest regional association of developers, owners, investors and professionals of commercial real estate in Pittsburgh, we would like to express our strong concerns for Duquesne Light's request of a proposed general rate increase.

After extensive conversations with our members, we believe that if the PUC approves Duquesne Light's general rate increase request that it will have an adverse effect on development in the region.  It will further prevent developers from building energy efficient buildings or incorporating alternative energy products in older developments. 

By increasing the "standby" charges from $2.50/kw to $8.50/kw our real estate developer members, owning property located in the Duquesne Light service territory, will have significant difficulty competing with those developers in other nearby service territories with "standby" charges under $2.50/kw.  

We respectfully request that the PUC deny Duquesne Light's proposed general rate increase on the belief that it will be unreasonably burdensome to rate payers and will have an adverse effect on responsible development in the region.