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A Message to the Future NAIOP Pittsburgh #DevelopingLeader: What are you waiting for? #getoffyourassets

Submitted by naiopdev on Thu, 06/01/2017 - 12:14pm

Written by Nate Phillips


The DL’s are getting older and we need some fresh blood! We invite all those just getting started in your organizations to network, learn, and otherwise engage in our real estate community. To that end, the “senior” Developing Leaders are intent on making it easy for the future NAIOP membership to participate by hosting lots of events and continuing programs that have proven successful.


We’re continuing our Mentor Program and have an excellent panel of mentors volunteering their time and their talent to Developing Leaders. The Mentor Program kicked off in April and will run through the end of the year. Mentors meet with their mentees once a month (one on one), typically for an hour, and discuss careers, challenges, opportunities, sports, whatever. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the Developing Leaders to connect with someone in their field and gain a perspective that can only come with lots of years and winning and screwing up. Quite frankly I still don’t know what the mentors get out of it, but if I can speak on behalf of those DL’s who have gone through the program, we’re glad the mentors aren’t wise to us yet.


Interested in the Mentor Program? Contact Leo or me to get in the mix for next year’s group.


The DL’s are also building on the success of the project tours from last year. As of this publication the DL’s will have visited NOVA Place, hosted by Faros Properties and CBRE as well as RIDC’s Lawrenceville flex industrial building which includes Caterpillar’s new tech space. At the start of this year we identified several projects worth touring and are adding them to our “Project Series”. We want to feature great projects and the developers whose vision is becoming reality. The Project Series is open to ALL members of the Pittsburgh real estate community, regardless of NAIOP membership or age. The Project Series is a gateway for new membership and an opportunity to showcase the good work that NAIOP members are doing in Pittsburgh.


We’re always looking for interesting projects to showcase in the Project Series. Have one? Let us know!


This year promises to be productive and the DL’s want to see you at our next event.


- Nate Phillips, 2017 DL Chair


- Leo Castagnari, Executive Director 


Learn more about and register to be a NAIOP Pittsburgh #DevelopingLeader: