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Hall Of Fame

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    Larry brought a passion for public affairs and politics to his role in the Chapter.

    Larry was instrumental in the creation of a legislative subcommittee "all for the purpose of bringing the regional voice of private development into the halls of government."

    In 1995 as Chapter President, Larry formed the first Pennsylvania statewide alliance and led groups to both Harrisburg and Washington. His efforts were recognized by NAIOP national with the "Building the Bridge Award" for Public Affairs Excellence.


    At 70 years old, Bob Stephenson is retiring from the real estate industry and from NAIOP — well, almost retiring. Stephenson officially stepped down as president of the Regional Industrial Development Corp. of Southwestern Pennsylvania and as a member of NAIOP at the end of 2008, but you’ll still find him making deals.

    Stephenson joined NAIOP in 1978 during the Western Pennsylvania Chapter’s inaugural year when the organization was quite small, at about only 20 members.

    A significant player in the Pittsburgh real estate industry since 1964, Stephenson served in several capacities within NAIOP. He took on the role of president of the organization in 1981 and ’82 and served several terms on the board of directors in the mid-to-late ’90s into early 2000. Stephenson was also honored in 1996 with the NAIOP Western Pennsylvania Chapter Lifetime Achievement Award.


    Ron Tarquinio is widely regarded as the engine that drove the rebirth of the Chapter and is credited by many of tonight’s Hall of Fame inductees as being the person who galvanized the struggling membership of the 90s.

    Ron’s passion for western Pennsylvania and the NAIOP Pittsburgh Chapter is unmatched. He has worked hard to advocate for the transportation and infrastructure improvements that have transformed the region and set it on its current path to success.

    Ron served as Chapter President in 1993. He also is responsible for the ongoing success of the annual banquet.


    In the early ’90s, when the remaining leadership team of NAIOP Pittsburgh was searching for ways to revive the chapter, they turned to Lou Oliva for help. Oliva admits he didn’t know much about the organization at the time but was up for the challenge, and was anxious to initiate a change in the stagnant real estate industry in Pittsburgh.

    “Our goal initially was for our organization to have a seat at the decision making table,”

    Oliva said. “Now our goal is to have a positive infl uence on the decision making process of allocating scarce resources to meet the needs of the marketplace and our constituents.”


    A member since the mid 1980s, Jim was a vital part of the cores group of professionals responsible for the Chapter’s rise to prominence in the 90’s.

    He served as President, Board Member, National Board Member and National Liaison. In 1994 he won the coveted National Chapter President of the Year award and was voted the NAIOP Pittsburgh Developer of the Year in 1998

    Jim provided personal resources to staff the Chapter and to insure its ability to reach the goals established during the plan for revival in the 90s.


    John Hoy was a member of the group of leaders that brought about the resurgence of the Chapter in the ‘90s. John said, “….we all realized we needed a development organization that would use synergized power to further the interests of private development in the Pittsburgh area. We knew intrinsically that we would be serving the community at the same time.”

    John Hoy will be most remembered by many at NAIOP Pittsburgh that it is important to give back to the community. He spearheaded the NAIOP Night at the Fights event which has raised approximately $220,000 for local charities over the years.John was President of the Chapter in 2000 and co-chaired the search for an Executive Director.


    Tom goes as far back as NAIOP Pittsburgh itself. He and a group of local contractors and developers became interested in suburban office and industrial parks in the late 1970s.

    They decided to go to a national NAIOP meeting and were hooked. They formed the Chapter upon their return from that meeting. Tom served as President of the Chapter from 1983-1986. Tom humbly gives much of the credit for the Chapter’s success to the those who came after him.

    In his interview for an article on the Hall of Fame he said, “This thing has evolved far beyond my expectations. What you see today is an expansion of what we started. The local guys have done a bang up job with this and I’m just happy to have been a small part of it”.


    Greg says that he decided to join NAIOP because of" the ability to network with clients and to learn more about their business and the real estate industry." He goes on to say "There is no greater way to develop and advance a professional career in the real estate industry than by actively participating in NAIOP membership."

    Greg was President of NAIOP Pittsburgh in 2005 and 2006. After completing his 2-year term as president he served on the Executive Committee and has maintained an active Board of Directors role as a past president. In 2010 Mr. Quatchak was appointed to the NAIOP Corporate Environment and Infrastructure Sub-Committee, and he was reappointed to this committee in 2011.

    Greg never says no when it comes to helping the NAIOP Pittsburgh Chapter. His generosity and that of CEC extends to sponsorships, active committee involvement by CEC employees and hosting the NAIOP Pittsburgh offices at CEC.

    Congratulations to Greg Quatchak for being inducted into the NAIOP Pittsburgh Hall of Fame.


    De has been a major force in NAIOP since 1994. When asked why he joined NAIOP Peart said, “The desire to take advantage of the education programs and to have the opportunity to network and learn from my peers on a local, statewide and national level.”

    In the last 17 years De has held many positions with the Pittsburgh Chapter and NAIOP Corporate. Upon joining the Chapter he was immediately appointed to the Board of Directors and served consecutively for 14 year. He held every leadership position in the Chapter including President from 1998-1999.

    When asked what the future of NAIOP Pittsburgh and the region holds De said” NAIOP Pittsburgh will continue to be a consistent voice for commercial real estate throughout Pennsylvania for years to come and the Pittsburgh Region will see steady growth; becoming a national leader in the energy sector.

    If De Peart continues to be involved in both NAIOP Pittsburgh and the promotion of the 10-county Pittsburgh region we are sure that will be the case.